About Charles Mady

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada,  Charles Mady embarked on a remarkable journey that has seen him evolve into a prominent figure in various industries.

A Formidable Beginning: Law, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship

He has been a goal-oriented individual from an early age. After earning his law degree from the Detroit College of Law, renamed the Michigan State University School of Law, he quickly entered the working world. At just 23, he was one of the youngest to graduate from law school and soon worked as a sales associate for his father’s commercial real estate brokerage firm, Exclusive Realty.

Charles’s commitment to excellence is evident through his professional growth. His pursuit of knowledge and expertise in unknown arenas led him to acquire his real estate brokerage license while being a member of the Michigan State Bar. Shortly after working for his father’s firm, he established his commercial litigation practice in Livonia, Michigan, in 1997. His energy and hard work made him a self-made millionaire by 29.

From Thoroughbred Racing to Commodity Trading

His childhood fascination for horse racing and natural inclination towards numbers and statistics are part of his unique narrative. Inspired by his father’s harness horses, he began investing in thoroughbreds. Reaping over $2 million in just three years from racing, breeding, and flipping at auctions, his career in horse racing encapsulates his love for horses and astute analytical skills.

His ability to forecast future market conditions and make apt decisions not only made him a successful horse racing owner but also led him to trade commodities in 1998.


Finding Second Chances in Oil and Natural Gas

In addition to having an esteemed legal career, Charles G Mady’s work in the oil and gas industry proved to be just as impressive.   He worked as a consultant to energy companies and delved deeply into the petroleum and natural gas business. Even a global pandemic couldn’t halt his progress. Seizing the opportunity to lease abandoned equipment and take over drilling rights in capped wells, he successfully ventured into the middle of an oil crisis. Once again, he demonstrates his uncanny knack for turning adverse situations into profitable opportunities.

Passions and Philanthropy

His commitment isn’t just limited to his professional life. He can be found on the golf course or supporting his favorite sports team. However, the hobby he treasures the most is researching financial markets and thoroughbred bloodlines to quench his thirst for knowledge and feed his love for horses.

Mady’s zeal for giving back to his community aligns with his life virtues. Having donated $ 5,000 to the Red Cross during 9/11 and supporting charities like Damar Hamlin’s last year, he maintains his philanthropic activities.

Looking Forward

Today, he looks forward to the future with optimism. His goal-oriented nature is as strong as ever, as he plans to purchase his first racehorse. His journey is a testament to overcoming adversity, maintaining commitment, and always working hard towards goals.

Through all the ups and downs, Charles G Mady remains a man strong in the core virtues of hard work, commitment, and a goal-oriented approach. His story is an embodiment of these qualities and continues to inspire many.

Charles G Mady


Charles G Mady